Welcome to Optics Division of ICAS Enterprises!


ICAS Enterprises is a Japanese company established in July of 1999. We started as a supplier of PC peripherals.
In 2001, we started to manufacture and sell optical filters under the brand name of IDAS.

Currenly, we have two major business lines:

Optics Division:
Manufacturing and selling optical filters under the brand names of IDAS since 2001 .
We are shipping the IDAS filters world-wide through our authorized shops/dealers. .

Optics Divsion Webpage in English: https://idas.uno/space/en/
Optics Division Webpage in Japanes: https://idas.uno/

PC Division:

Importing vector net work analysers (SDR-Kits, UK) and SDR receivers (SDRplay, UK).

ICAS Enterprises Website: http://icas.to/ (Japanese language)



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